Graduate Symposium 2022: Theme


General Theme: Innovative Research on Sustainable Development in a Resource Abundant

Research must not only add to previous existing knowledge, but must lead to discoveries and novelties,
among other areas. Throughout the world, graduate students and their work are recognized as critical to
the ongoing research process that helps us to better understand the human and natural world in which
we exist. Moreover, research does not only aid the decision-making process of policymakers but also
contributes to enhancing growth and development at various levels of society through creative and
innovative solutions to real-world problems and issues.

The 2022 Graduate Symposium of the School for Graduate Studies and Research, the second of its kind
at the University of Guyana, will allow graduate students at the University of Guyana in various fields
and disciplines to communicate and exchange their innovative research, toward building knowledge,
facilitating learning, fostering public awareness, informing societal action, and developing knowledge in
various fields of study. The central theme “Innovative research on sustainable development in a
resource-abundant economy"
underscores the importance of scientific inquiry into processes and
procedures required to attain sustainable development - a widely recognized goal for human society of
the 21st century, given its focus on the three interconnected pillars: ecological sustainability, social
sustainability, and economic sustainability, together with good governance and effective institutions.

This year, the symposium will feature oral and poster presentations and will culminate with the award of
prizes and scholarships to various categories of participants who excel in their presentations. There will
also be publications to further add to the outputs. It is anticipated that each research presented will
promote continued sustainable development and foster new opportunities and challenges in Guyana.
Additionally, this symposium will exhibit the spectrum of multidisciplinary research activities pursued by
students in all Academic Units of the University and will further enhance collaboration with private and
public sector agencies, civil societies, international universities, and the University of Guyana. This will
be achieved by inviting these sectors as participants in the symposium and allowing their interaction
with our graduate students.