College of Medical Sciences: Dean Dr. Cecil Boston

Graduate Coordinator: Dr. Maritza Perez

Master of Public Health

Master of Medicine - Anaesthesia and Intensive Care

Master of Medicine - Family Medicine

Master of Medicine - Internal Medicine/Infectious Diseases

Master of Medicine (General Surgery)

Master of Medicine in Emergency Medicine 

Master of Medicine in Obstetrics & Gynaecology

Master of Medicine in Paediatrics

MMED in Diagnostic Radiology

MMED in Orthopaedics & Traumatology

MMED in Psychiatry


Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry: Dean  Dr. Lawrence Lewis

Graduate Coordinator Mr. Courtney W. Bullen

Master of Science (Agro-Technology and Business) 


Faculty of Earth and Environmental Sciences: Dean Dr. Temitope Oyedotun

Graduate Coordinator: Mr Stephan Moonsammy

Master of Science (Environmental Management)

Graduate Coordinator: Miss Dina Benn

Master of Science (Urban Planning and Management)


Faculty of Education and Humanities: Dean Dr. Roslin Khan

Graduate Coordinator Ms. Kara Lord 

Master of Education (Curriculum and Instruction) 

Master of Education (Early Childhood Development) 

Master of Education (Management and Supervision) 


Faculty of Natural Sciences: Dean Dr. Troy Thomas

Graduate Coordinator Prof. Abdullah Ansari

Master of Science in Forest Biology


Faculty of Social Science: Dean Mr. Hector Edwards

Graduate Coordinator Mrs. Debbie Hopkinson,

Master of Social Work

Graduate Coordinator Mr. O’Neil Greaves

Commonwealth Master of Business Administration

Commonwealth Master of Public Administration