College of Medical Sciences: Dean Dr. Cecil Boston

Graduate Coordinator: Dr. Maritza Perez
Master of Public Health
Master of Medicine – Anaesthesia and Intensive Care
Master of Medicine - Family Medicine
Master of Medicine - Internal Medicine/Infectious Diseases
Master of Medicine (General Surgery)
Master of Medicine in Emergency Medicine 
Master of Medicine in Obstetrics & Gynaecology
Master of Medicine in Paediatrics
MMED in Diagnostic Radiology
MMED in Orthopaedics & Traumatology
MMED in Psychiatry


College of Behavioural Sciences and Research (CoBRes):

Assistant Dean: Ms. Leann Kendall
Master of Science in Clinical Psychology


Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry: Dean Dr. Lawrence Lewis

Graduate Coordinator:   Dr. Mohamed Sadik
Master of Science (Agro-Technology and Business) 


Faculty of Earth and Environmental Sciences: Dean Dr. Temitope Oyedotun

Graduate Coordinator: Mr. Marciano Glasgow
Master in Climate Change and Disaster Risk Management
Master in Environmental Management 
Master in Natural Resources Management
Master in Oil and Gas and Renewable Energy 
Master of Science (Climate Change and Disaster Risk Management) 
Master of Science (Environmental Management) 
Master of Science (Natural Resources Management) 
Master of Science (Oil and Gas and Renewable Energy) 
Master of Philosophy of Biodiversity (Interfaculty Programme)

Graduate Coordinator: Dr. Patrick Williams
    Master of Science (Urban and Regional Planning)    

Faculty of Education and Humanities: Dean Dr. Roslin Khan

Graduate Coordinator: Dr. Leyland Thompson
Master of Education (Curriculum and Instruction) 
Master of Education (Early Childhood Development) 
Master of Education (Management and Supervision) 
Master of Arts (English)

Faculty of Natural Sciences: Dean Dr. Troy Thomas

Graduate Coordinator: Dr. Sirpaul Jaikishun
Master of Science in Forest Biology

Faculty of Social Sciences: Dean Dr. Paulette Henry

Graduate Coordinator: Mrs. Debbie Hopkinson,
Master of Social Work
Master of Science - Strategic Development Studies
Graduate Coordinator: Dr. Duane Edwards
Commonwealth Master of Business Administration
Commonwealth Master of Public Administration

Head of Department:  Dr Kim Kyte-Thomas
Master of Laws: International Business and International Law 

Graduate Coordinator:  Dr Carolyn Walcott
Master of Communication Studies

Head of Department:  Ms. Donna McKinnon
Master in Health Care Management (Coming Soon)

School of Entrepreneurship SEBI: Dean Prof. Leyland Lucas

Head of Department:  Mr. Feroze Khan
Master of Science (Supply Chain Management)
Master of Science (Procurement Management)