Dr. Paulette Euranie Bynoe
School of Graduate Studies and Research University of Guyana
Deputy Dean


Dr. Paulette Bynoe is currently a Senior Lecturer and Deputy Dean of the School of Graduate Studies and Research, and the former Dean of the Faculty of Earth and Environmental Sciences at the University of Guyana. She holds a PhD in Geography (University of Sussex, UK); a MPhil in Environmental Education (University of Bradford); and a BA in Geography (University of Guyana). Dr. Bynoe has approximately 24 years of professional accomplishment as an inter-disciplinary trained Environmental Scientist who teaches graduate courses in community disaster risk management, environmental impact assessment, environmental research methods, and environmental resources policy.  Her research interests are in environmental education, natural resources and environmental policy, sustainable livelihoods and climate change and disaster vulnerability. In 2015, she was awarded the Golden Arrow of Achievement for her contribution to environmental education and training, research that informs policies on natural resources management. Dr. Bynoe has served/is serving in various capacities regionally and internationally, including Lead Climate Change Negotiator for Guyana (2016-2019), Lead Climate Change Negotiator for G77 and China (2020), AOSIS Coordinator for High Level Climate Actions (2019-2020), Mentor for the Commonwealth Futures Climate Research Cohort (2021),  Member of the Global Water Partnership (International) (Current), Caribbean Technical Committee and Steering Committee Member of the Global Water Partnership-Caribbean (current), and Chair of the Compliance Committee for the Kyoto Protocol-Enforcement Branch (Current). 

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